Thursday, September 17, 2009


It was Wednesday night, Scouts was over, and the kids were in the van waiting, waiting, okay, waiting on me, because I always seem to find someone I just HAVE TO talk to. I finally get out to the van and tease, "Geesh, you guys, here you are, I've been scouring the church for you, it's way past time to go, so let's go". I don't think they find that funny anymore ;) As we leave I realize I have no gas, so we have to go a different direction. I turned onto Highway 79, which tends to be a fairly busy road, and after a minute I hear a "thump, thump". James asked Jacob if he remembered to take his Webelos book off the roof of the van. Holy Cow, you've got to be kidding me, I can't tell you how many Cub Scout books I've bought over the years! I don't think I hid my annoyance very well, poor Jake. A half mile later I pulled into the gas station and James, Matthew, and Jacob jumped out and started running toward the road. Here it is, almost 9:00 at night, pitch black and 3 of my boys are running down a highway. I figured they wouldn't get very far and I'd grab them as soon as I filled up. But, a full size van holds a lot of gas. As we pulled out Joey and Rachael were very passionate about finding their big brothers. I was surprised at how far they were able to travel. I pulled into the suicide lane and talked to them through my open window as they continued to search the road. It wasn't too much longer before Matthew spotted the book and rescued it from the oncoming traffic. The book is miraculously still in one piece, albeit, quite dirty. So, I ask, What kind of mother allows her children to walk the highway at night?!?!? Apparently, this kind of mother.


  1. But the important thing is that you got the book! Don't worry---you are a great mom!!!

  2. And you did go back and actually get your I'd say you're a great Mom too!!

  3. Holy guacamole!!! It actually worked, I left a comment and it WORKED!!!!!